Russia 2018 World Cup

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Russia 2018 World Cup

Postby ZANZIBAR Sun Feb 08, 2015 11:25 am

we have focused on the Asian cup and Qatar World Cup, so I think now it is time to start turning our attention to Russia.
Does anyone have info on the stadiums and host towns?
Will Russia have instigated a World war by this stage?
Has anyone here travelled there before?
Are our youngsters going to be ripe for a miracle come 2018?
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Re: Russia 2018 World Cup

Postby shinAUFC Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:12 pm

Confederation cup is first in 2017, traditionall we play well in this tournament.

I think the next world cup will be very exciting as we have a number of very promising youths knocking on the door of their major european club for first team selection.

Cameron Burgess ( Fulham ) daniel da silva ( perth / roma ) chris ikonomidis ( lazio , i believe he made his first bench appearance in serie A a few weeks ago. Josh Brilliante (Fiorentina ). I believe there is also a kid of greek heritage who has recently chosen australia who is said to be a star in the making but i cannot remember his name. Amini and rogic are due to have break out years also.

Then we have the current crop of up and coming socceroos like , Leckie, Oar, Kruse, Sainsbury, Ryan, Davidson, Troisi. All of whom have a goid chance at playing in a major top division league in europe by 2018.

Looking at the aleague there are kids who could go either way, Mabil, Antonis, Gameiro, Hamill etc.

many reasons to be excited! Its will very much be a squad who started their careers in the aleague or possibly supported an aleague club prior to becoming professional.

This is when having a healthy league at home is going to pay dividends the most imo
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