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Re: Coopers Stadium

Postby Damo Tue Nov 17, 2020 1:31 pm

Yeah, i'm not exactly thrilled at "shade cloth" over the east (particularly if we move to winter) but i think people need to be bit more realistic under the current and future economic climate. The dream of filling in the corners and putting a roof on hindmarsh or purpose build city stadium will have to remain that for now.

We should consider ourselves luck to get anything, this is a positive investment in football in SA for once....
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Re: Coopers Stadium

Postby red wombat Fri Nov 20, 2020 4:41 pm

I've spoken before (maybe not on here) on the difficulties with filling in the corners. However, the stands were built with foundations that allow an extra stand. Increasing the capacity is possible... technically.

Shade cloth is useless in summer because the sun is too low. Shade cloth is useless in wet weather because it lets water through. However, I wouldn't be too upset with proper roofs, complete with overhang, over all stands. This won't increase the capacity but makes the stadium more useable through winter, spring and autumn.

For the record, I'm a fan of our stadium being at Hindmarsh. I can't see the point of a city centric stadium because if you can't get to Hindmarsh, you won't be able to get to something in the city. The 'go to night clubs afterwards' is pure bullshit except for a very small proportion of the supporting public. Adelaide Oval worked for the gAFL because West Lakes was so awful.
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Re: Coopers Stadium

Postby Stuckey Tue Feb 16, 2021 9:02 am


I hadn't seen an image of what the plans for the redevelopment was. Its a great look I feel but the main issue facing fans on the Eastern stand is the setting sun in everyone's eyes.

I wonder if it would be possible to have some sort of retractable screen that could be raised up on to of the Western stand that would provide the Eastern stand with shade earlier?

One main hope I have is that still makes Cooper's more useful 12 months of the year.
That and I really think there needs to be more investment in to utilising the space behind the Eastern stand all the way to Manton St. Coopers stadium is ideally located to build a hospitality space there for functions and events.
Or my ultimate dream given its name and the hours the stadium is currently in use. Build a small brewery in that space. Fill the void that West End is making! But obviously not to that scale!
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