Perth Glory v Adelaide United Match Day Jamboree!!!©

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Re: Perth Glory v Adelaide United Match Day Jamboree!!!©

Postby shinAUFC Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:23 pm

Hi all. Agree that this has historically being a sensational football forum. Feel like it has gone a little off track in the last few weeks. Great win by the boys all things considered, and it’s amazing what a score line can do to your psyche about a match. Feel like we are well in the red with the football karma gods - If we continue to play the way we have all season, but with luck on our side (we are well and truly due some), we are vying for some silverware this year.
In my opinion we are the 2nd best team after Sydney, and we showed in the cup final that we can certainly match them. The upcoming match against them will be a real benchmark.

We lost some other matches against other contenders due to bad luck or shitty officiating.

We are a serious chance this year, and that’s without a 10 or top striker, and a bunch of kids.

Long way to go, but gotta be happy so far.

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Yeah i agree, even sydney had to work to beat us.

They certainly didnt deserve to lose against us in our 2 meetings but im not sure they deserved the win based on general play.

Im really excited for next season if we can keep this group together
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Re: Perth Glory v Adelaide United Match Day Jamboree!!!©

Postby sevengoals Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:07 am

We are also a good team, we are Adelaide United, we believe in our quality and on Wednesday we travel to Sydney to get three points...

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Re: Perth Glory v Adelaide United Match Day Jamboree!!!©

Postby mcjules Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:10 pm

i have learnt one thing....just dont give an opinion around here and everything is fine. Hence why i see so few contributors to the match day thread this time around.
Just curious, what exactly do you want to happen in a thread? If someone gives an opinion what should happen?
Only responses if they agree? Or can someone disagree and give reasons why?

I see some pretty petty and pedantic rebuffs to peoples opinions sometimes but personally I would just ignore them. Particularly because those same people at other times post things that are of value.

We're a forum that caters to Adelaide United supporters so I don't think we have a hugely diverse set of opinions here however there is still plenty of things that I agree and disagree with and I personally value everyone here who contributes to the forum.
I encourage different opinions and good debate as to justify a view. What i despise is being personally attacked for a view. I made big calls last year on bruce and ended up eating my words and enjoyed being called out on it because i can happily accept being i often am. This year instead of debate its attacks that turn personal. Hardly any of us have a clue about each other.
I have peeked at other forums and have to say i would never waste my time with any forum but this one as it seems the most level headed. But Its not perfect.
I will just refrain from views that lean towards a negative view as that seems to be a big trigger for meltdowns. Luckily it was a decent game.
Ok yep thanks for that. Agree 100% and we need to do more to control that.

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